United Airlines Air Traffic Systems Ramp Controller in Houston, Texas

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Network Operations

The Network Operations department helps us run a safe, reliable airline, and includes careers in aircraft routing and dispatching, crew scheduling, air traffic control and more.

Job overview and responsibilities

The Air Traffic Systems Ramp Controller’s primary purpose is to control the movement of aircraft in to and out of ramp/gate areas in a safe and efficient manner to achieve operational priorities. Through effective flow of arrivals and departures will improve on-time performance and reduce taxi delays. Proper sequencing of departures ensures high values flights receive necessary priority without impact to airport surface movement. Arrival performance is improved as controllers make better decisions regarding whether to hold or push a flight using available tools.

Control movement of aircraft to and from ramp/gate areas

  • Monitor inbound and outbound operations and determine best course of action to manage the movement of arrivals and departures and avoid impact to ATC

  • Issue control instructions using standard phraseology and apply standard procedures to provide a safe and efficient flow of arrivals and departures into and out of ramp/gate areas and on airport taxiways taking into account; taxi or departure times assigned by ATC; runway assignment by departure fix; (in-trail) restrictions, other ATC Traffic Management Initiatives

  • Understand and apply gate/alley restrictions in the movement of aircraft, e.g., tow-in/marshal in gates, equipment adjacency/restrictions etc.

  • Control movement of aircraft to achieve operational priorities, e.g., International Focus flights, “Red Zone” flights, departures with curfews at the destination, high value departures (i.e. transoceanic departures), etc., while maximizing throughput

  • Control pushback and sequencing of departures during irregular operations to mitigate Long Tarmac Delays

  • Provide ramp control service to other carriers in a fair and equitable manner, complying with local guidelines

  • Utilize all the tools provided to effectively control aircraft movement in the ramp/gate areas as well as taxiways

Coordination with the Houston Airport System, local FAA and other departments

  • Movement of aircraft in to and out of ramp areas; and ensure necessary personnel are available for aircraft movement in to and out of ramp/gate areas

  • Coordinate with operations for issues with gate availability, ramp congestion delays, or other gate issues


  • High School Diploma/GED or education equivalent

  • Intimate knowledge of Airline/Airport Operations

  • 2 years experience in Airline/Airport Operations

  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States for any employer without sponsorship

  • Successful completion of interview required to meet job qualification

  • Reliable, punctual attendance is an essential function of the position


  • Previous Air Traffic Control experience

Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled/LGBT

Division: 28 Network Operations Control

Function: Professional Opportunities

Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled